Books: Holidays & Specials

Big Game Day Pussy

It’s the biggest football game of the season! These dads, brothers, and uncles are celebrating with hypnotized pussy that’s eager to put out.

Christmas Incest Sex from Krampus

Krampus has the naughty list this year and the punishment is hard-pounding incest sex and well-deserved punishment.

New Year’s Incest Party

It’s New Year’s and these party-goers are using the festivities, along with some other other things, to get as much incestuous sex as they want.

Resolving to Have Incest Sex

These three families are taking the “new year, new me” motto to a whole new incestuous level.

Santa’s Naughty Incest Erotica List

4 families that are definitely on Santa’s Naughty List, but that just means they’ll be enjoying their Christmas to the fullest.

Slutty Mrs. Claus Wants Incest

Enchanted Mrs. Claus outfits are making the rounds, turning their wearers into incest-hungry sluts who want to be satisfied.

Thanksgiving Incest for Uncle

Revisit these horny uncles for the holiday season as they count their blessings and give thanks for nieces who continue to put out.

Thanksgiving Pussy Bundle

A good old-fashioned Thanksgiving full of good food, family drama, and lots of hard-pounding sex.

Tricked into Halloween Incest

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats. These families are all about tricking each other into putting out.