Grandpa and Time Stop Nipple Play

Grandpa and Time Stop Nipple Play


What should have been a short session of breast fondling becomes orgasmic with Gramps using time stop to get her hot.

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About the Book

Lacking something to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready, Jessie offers her tits to Gramps. He’s always staring at them, so she figures he wants to touch them. But just her tits. Nothing else… that she knows of. Gramps has time stop abilities and will use them to make her so high on orgasms from seemingly only having her nipples played that she’ll beg him for sex.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains grandfather-granddaughter incest sex, dubious consent, time stop, paranormal, sex toys, vaginal sex, oral sex, and bareback creampie.