About the Book

It’s New Year’s and these party-goers are using the festivities, along with some other other things, to get as much incestuous sex as they want.

Mind Controlling His Fuck Doll Sister (01)
An app has given him control over his sister, and his first thought it so turn her into a horny sex doll.

Time Stop Fucking His Niece (02)
With the power to stop time in his control, Uncle uses it to get his niece hot and bothered and ready for loving.

Gaping Her Hypnotized Sister (03)
It’s totally normal to slave away for her sister while pleasuring her orally… right? Well, she seems to think so.

Programming His Sissy Grandson (04)
When his grandson interrupted Gramps’s porn viewing to complain about the content, Gramps used a trance video to make him a sissy slut.

Futa Training Her Bratty Daughter (05)
Mom is using jello shots, mind control, and a special cream that gives her a little something extra to enjoy the new year.

Gangbanging Their Horny Brother (06)
Being caught by her older sisters while indulging in pet play sex with her brother just means more fun for her.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains dubious consent incest sex, brother-sister, sister-sister, twincest, mother-daughter, uncle-niece, grandpa-grandson, anal sex, breeding, double penetration, drugged, exhibitionism, fisting, forced feminization, futanari, gangbang, gaping, hypnosis, insertion, masturbation, mind control, oral sex, pegging, pet play, public sex, seeding, sex toys, sissy, time stop, voyeurism, and bareback creampie.