About the Book

Once these horny uncles find the means to get with their hot nieces, nothing will stop them from getting off.

Blackmail Made Niece an Anal Slut (01)
Once his niece revealed a blackmail-worthy secret, he had all he needed to turn her into his personal anal sex doll.

Mind Control Made Niece Sexually Obedient (02)
He’s in possession of a light that makes anyone who sees it obey his every command, no matter how sexual, including his hot niece.

Time Stop Made Triplet Nieces Put Out (03)
When he stops time, he can give orders people obey as soon as time resumes. His first stop is a visit to his identical triplet nieces.

Birthday Traditions Made Niece Cum Hungry (04)
A special birthday candle has everyone at his nieces party believing all the sexual birthday traditions he concocts for niece to do.

An App Made Niece a Sleeping Sex Doll (05)
He tweaked the app his niece was using to help cure her insomnia by making her sleep through anything, including his nighttime visits.

Bondage Made Niece Horny and Wet (06)
His tempting niece has just crossed a line, and he only way to make himself feel better is bondage and lots of sex.

Tutoring Made Niece Eager for Sex (07)
A little mind control during a tutoring session is all he needs to make his niece have sex without even realizing she’s doing it.

Birthday Bondage Made Niece Addicted to Sex (08)
Mom has prepared a special birthday present for her daughter that involves giving her first time to her uncle.

Hypnosis Made Niece Thankful for Dick (09)
Since his niece is staying the weekend, the least she can do is put out. After a hypnotic personality tweak, she agrees.

Hard Sleeping Made Niece an Anal Fuck Doll (10)
His niece is a hard sleeper, and he has a key to her apartment. Of course, he’ll take advantage of her.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains uncle-niece incest sex, brother-sister, mother-daughter, dubious consent, anal sex, blackmail, bondage, breeding, domination, drugged, exhibitionism, gangbang, gaping, girl-on-girl, hypnosis, mind control, oral sex, seeding, sex toys, sleep sex, time stop, virgin, and bareback creampie.

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