About the Book

These uncles have no problem making their horny nieces realize they love being mounted by hung dogs.

Sleep Sex Made Niece Doggy’s Bitch (11)
She gets herself ready for him every night while sleeping, but he doesn’t mind that his dog jumped in to enjoy the fun too.

Time Stop Made Niece a Doggy Fuck Toy (12)
The power to control time turns a quick sketch session with his niece into a marathon tag-team sex, trading off with his dog.

A Hyphen Made Niece Crave Doggy Dick (13)
A hyphen in a hypnosis app helps niece get over her dog phobia to the point of letting the dog mount her while her uncle watches.

Incense Made Niece Horny for Doggy (14)
While housesitting for her uncle, she gets a whiff of a strange incense that makes her horny enough to have fun with the dog.

Bribery Made Niece Submit to Doggy (15)
His big lottery win has his niece showing up to put out for him and his dog in exchange for college tuition.

Hypno-Tattoo Made Niece an Obedient Bitch (16)
In exchange for her first tattoo, niece gets put under mind control and turned into her uncle’s sex-hungry bitch.

Story Time Made Niece Accept Doggy Dick (17)
She enjoys acting out the naughty version of Red Riding Hood, her favorite fairytale, with her uncle and his dog.

Skewed Common Sense Made Niece Hump a Dog (18)
Her revenge for her uncle threatening to call the cops over his stolen credit card is to mount and ride his dog.

False Memory Made Niece Love Doggy Gangbang (19)
He may have used alcohol and hypnosis to get with his niece, but he only needed a lie to make her put out for his dogs.

Ordering It Made Niece Love Being Mounted (20)
Her father mind-controls her to put out, and her uncle just found out the trigger phrase so he and his dog can join in the fun.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains uncle-niece incest sex, bestiality dog sex, dubious consent, blackmail, bribery, drugged, drunk, hidden camera, hypnosis, mind control, sleep sex, sleepwalking, time stop, tricked, anal sex, bondage, double penetration, exhibitionism, fisting, masturbation, oral sex, outdoors sex, paranormal, pet play, prostitution, sex tape, sex toys, vaginal sex, voyeurism, and bareback creampie.