Incest Gangbang for an Oblivious Sex Kitten

Incest Gangbang for an Oblivious Sex Kitten


The party is dull to her, but her father and uncles are having a fun time with her without her realizing it's happening.

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About the Book

Ariana wanted to go to her friend’s Halloween party, but Dad talked her into staying home to attend his… somehow. She’s still not sure why she agreed. The party is boring. It’s just her father and uncles eating snacks, drinking beer, and chatting about nothing. Is this even a real party?

Dad has Ariana under mind control so she doesn’t realize when he and his brothers are saying and doing lewd things to her. Things that get her off and fill her full of cream that she doesn’t even notice.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains incest sex, father-daughter, uncle-niece, dubious consent, mind control, voyeurism, anal sex, vaginal sex, seeding, oral sex, sex toys, gangbang, double penetration, and bareback creampie.