Morning Wood

Morning Wood

Series: Daddy Loves Sleep Sex, Book 03
Genres: Breeding / Seeding, Dubious Consent, Father-Daughter, Pussy Play, Pussy Sex, Sex, Sleep Sex, Virgin
Publication Year: 26 June 2016
Length: 4,520 words

He wakes up to a firm ass pressed against his hard-on and realizes too late his daughter is the one enticing him in her sleep.

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About the Book

My name is David, and I nearly perved on my daughter. Nearly. It wasn’t my fault. When a man wakes up to a round ass snuggling his morning wood, he assumes the ass belongs to his wife, not his daughter who crawled into the bed during the night. But it’s okay. Sarah slept through it all. She doesn’t know what Daddy almost did…that time. This is the second time I’ve woken up with her ass pressed to my dick. My wife isn’t home. Sarah is sound asleep. I’m taking advantage of the situation.

This FICTION short is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains Daddy-daughter incest virgin sleep sex, fingering, vaginal penetration, and creampie.