Daddy Loves Sleep Sex Mega-Bundle

Daddy Loves Sleep Sex Mega-Bundle


Twelve dads. Twelve sleeping daughters. It's going to be a long night filled with hard-pounding fun.

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About the Book

12 fathers with sleeping daughters and an incestuous need to discover how good they are in the sack.

Just Checking (01)
His daughter is a mooch and a tease. She better also be a virgin. When he catches her sleeping naked, he plans to check.

After Work (02)
Exhausted by the time his daughter gets home, she falls asleep on the couch and leaves herself open to her father’s deviant behavior.

Morning Wood (03)
He wakes up to a firm ass pressed against his hard-on and realizes too late his daughter is the one enticing him in her sleep.

In a Motel (04)
Trapped in crappy motel with a single bed and a daughter who won’t stay on her side of it. Dad is going to teach her to share.

Sobering Up (05)
Playing DD for his daughter shouldn’t have landed him in her bed. But since he’s already there and she’s drunk, he might as well have fun.

Party Drugged (06)
When his daughter came home from a party drugged and out of it, he decided to teach her thorough lesson she’ll feel in all her holes come morning.

Sleeping Pills (07)
Once his daughter takes her pills, she’s out for eight hours straight, and he plans to enjoy every single minute.

Headache (08)
The medicine his daughter took for her headache knocked her out, so she doesn’t notice when he shows up to check on her, inside and out.

Napping (09)
For his birthday, his daughter promises to “sleep” through every perverted thing he wants to do to her.

Got Caught (10)
He recorded his daughter toying with a massive dildo, but a video isn’t enough when she’s sleeping right next door.

Bad Habit (11)
Spoiling his daughter comes with a price she pays every night after she falls asleep.

Loveseat (12)
Movie night turns into daddy-daughter bonding time when his wife and daughter fall asleep.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains Daddy-daughter virgin incest sex, dubious consent sleep sex, blackmail, spanking, bondage, oral sex, and bareback vaginal and anal sex.