Curious About Twincest (Munching Sister’s Pussy)

Curious About Twincest (Munching Sister’s Pussy)

Series: Too Drunk to Care, Book 05
Genres: Clit Ring, Cunnilingus, Drunk, Dubious Consent, Girl-on-Girl, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral Sex, Piercings, Pussy Play, Pussy Sex, Sex, Sex Toys, Sisters, Sleep Sex, Twins
Publication Year: 11 January 2018
Length: 4,160 words

When her twin is sleeping it off is the perfect time to explore her bi-curious tendencies, especially since her twin won’t remember in the morning.

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About the Book

After rescuing her twin from a frat party, all this sister wants to do is get back to their shared dorm room so her twin can sleep it off. But getting her twin into bed leads to helping herself to her twin. She’s always been curious what would be like with a woman, and with her twin passed out drunk, now she can find out.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains sister-sister dubious consent incest sex, sex toys, oral sex, masturbation, sleep sex, and tribbing.