About the Book

These St. Patrick’s Day drunks are getting all the hard-pounding loving they never knew they wanted.

Green Beer Turned Her Into Daddy’s Slut (13)
Dad warned her to only drink one, so it’s not his fault that she sneaked more and fell into his trap.

Forbidden Rendezvous With Her Drunk Brother (14)
She is waiting for her boyfriend to sneak into her room for a romp and ends up with her drunk brother instead.

Enjoying Drunk Mommy’s Anal Fun Center (15)
Taking care of his drunk mother reveals a hidden surprise meant for his father that he gets to enjoy instead.

Drunk Nieces Want to Be Uncle’s Porn Stars (16)
The green beer he gave his nieces makes them so DTF that they don’t care that he’s filming or joining them.

His Drunk Sister Doesn’t Remember Putting Out (17)
She has a reputation for being easy while drunk and not remembering after, so her brother wants in on that.

Drunk Son Has to Gobble Daddy’s Cum Shot (18)
If his son wins the bet, he can go out and party. But if he loses, he has to a take a creamy shot from Dad.

Body Swap with Drunk Sister for a Gangbang (19)
He has a special trick to switch bodies with his sister so he can enjoy a gangbang with Dad and his uncles.

Stuffing a Load In His Drunk Sleeping Daughter (20)
Dad came home to find his daughter passed out drunk and gave her a hard pounding that her boyfriend will take the blame for.

Anal With Daddy While He’s Passed Out Drunk (21)
Finding her father passed out drunk while watching porn sparks an impulse to enjoy some naughty fun with him.

Drunk Daddy Gets Anal From His Horny Son (22)
Dad is drunk and horny and wanting his daughter to put out, except the one he’s making moves on is his son.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains St. Patrick’s Day incest sex, father-daughter, father-son, brother-sister, uncle-niece, cousins, dubious consent, blackmail, bodyswap, drugged, drunk, sleep sex, tricked, anal sex, boy-on-boy, crossdressing, double penetration, exhibitionism, forced pleasure, gangbang, girl-on-girl, masturbation, oral sex, sex tape, sex toys, triple penetration, vaginal sex, voyeurism, and bareback creampie.