About the Book

These girls are too drunk to realize their having the best sex of their lives… with a close family member.

Bottles Up Sleeping Sister’s Pussy (01)
He’s going to give his sister enough sex to ensure a hangover isn’t the only thing she regrets in the morning.

Party Crashing Daughter’s Pussy (02)
He interrupted his drunk daughter’s party, but he’s more than happy to let her continue having fun.

Granddaughter + Alcohol = Slut (03)
Alcohol—check. Camera—check. Drunk granddaughter who is super horny and very willing—CHECK!

Slutty Niece Wants It Hard (04)
She’s at a sex party with lots of booze, and her uncle is waiting for the perfect moment to take advantage of the situation.

Curious About Twincest (Munching Sister’s Pussy) (05)
When her twin is sleeping it off is the perfect time to explore her bi-curious tendencies, especially since her twin won’t remember in the morning.

Daughter Wants Rebound Sex with Mommy (06)
Mom got her daughter drunk to dull the pain of a broken heart, but her daughter prefers using old-fashioned rebound sex.

Nailed Against the Wall (Daddy Thinks I’m Mom!) (07)
In his drunken state, Dad thinks his daughter is his wife, and he’s determined to use all his sexual prowess to keep her from leaving him.

Fucking Niece at the Family Reunion (08)
Five uncles just caught their niece sneaking beer while hiding from the family reunion, so of course, they took advantage of the situation.

Sister’s Designated Dick (09)
She called her brother to be her designated driver. He’s not about to give her a free ride unless she gives him one.

Wedding Night Sex with Daughter (10)
She got drunk at a wedding, so Dad escorted her back to her room for a night of hard-pounding loving, honeymoon-style.

Drunk Mommy Means Sex with Daddy (11)
Getting Mom drunk enough to pass out is the easy part. Keeping their voices down while Lila and her father have sex beside her… now that’s hard.

Uncle and the Rebellious Pussy (12)
Babysitting his drunk niece turns into a night of hard-pounding fun while they wait for her parents to get home.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains incest sex, father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-sister twincest, uncle-niece, grandfather-granddaughter, dubious consent, drunkenness, masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, insertion, sex toys, on-the-sly, anal play, anal sex, car sex, blackmail, double penetration, fisting, unprotected sex, breeding, seeding, hidden camera, lesbian, tribbing, sleepwalking, sleep sex, virgin sex, rough sex, gangbang, and lots of bareback creampie.