About the Book

Another 10 dads using hypnosis to make their daughters ready, wet, and willing to do whatever.

Daddy’s Sweet Little Cum Dump
He’s got the best of both worlds: the perfect daughter and the perfect slut.

Gamer Geek Cum-Slut (12)
His daughter likes it hardcore while she’s gaming, and she doesn’t even realize.

Bondage Spanking the Naughty Slut (13)
When she misbehaves, Dad takes her to the basement for a punishment that involves bondage, spanking, and sex toys.

Bedtime Fun with Daughter (14)
His daughter will do anything Teddy wants her to, including enjoy hard-pounding breeding sex with her father.

Pink-Light Special: Horny Daughter & Slut Wife (15)
When the pink lights come on, his wife becomes a horny slut and his daughter can’t wait to be stuffed with his love.

Daughter’s Crotchless Panty Display (16)
When she’s at home, his daughter wears short skirts, crotchless panties, and always sits with her legs spread wide.

Giving Daughter Real Wet Dreams (17)
When his daughter wakes up in the middle of sleep sex, he tells her it’s all a wet dream… and she believes him.

Competing Cum-Hungry Daughters (19)
Two daughters in a competition to see who gets sex with Daddy and who gets to be stuffed with toys. Everyone’s a winner.

Daughter’s Pussy is a Trap! (20)
Sexing up his daughter was all his idea… or was it? Hypnosis doesn’t only work on girls.

Petting the Sweet Little Pussy (21)
Dad has a special little kitty who comes when he calls and loves to be petted before being fed lots and lots of his cream.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains father-daughter dubious consent incest sex, mother-daughter sex, sister-sister sex, hypnosis mind control, anal play, anal sex, blackmail, bondage, breeding, cuckquean, domination, exhibitionism, fisting, hidden camera, insertion, masturbation, oral sex, rough sex, sex toys, sleep sex, spanking, unprotected creampie sex, and voyeurism.

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