About the Book

10-in-1 box set! These fathers see an opportunity for sex with their daughters, and they don’t let it pass them by.

The meds the doctor prescribed made my daughter loopy and easy. A dangerous combination when she has a dad like me.

My daughter is locked in a pillory with a broken key. For her stupidity, I spanked her. For her pain, I gave her a hard pounding.

I expect payment—the deep-throating oral kind. And she’ll put out or else she’s walking home.

She doesn’t remember anything that happens while she’s sleepwalking, not even being trained as my perfect sex toy.

A simple plan to get her to cave escalated, and now I want her to stay stubborn so I can enjoy using her as my new sex toy.

I filmed my daughter blowing my son and used the threat of outing them to get my daughter to put out.

When my daughter’s boyfriend ran and left her chained to my bed, I decided to pick up the toy stuffing where he left off.

It’s time to come clean and use the videos I’ve recorded to convince my daughter that she wants our relationship to be a whole lot closer.

My daughter thinks I’m trying to make her quit when I’m wondering how much to get her to perform this lap dance naked at a motel.

Remote-controlled sex toys plus a wedding equals blackmail. Screwing a bridesmaid on the sly is a wedding tradition, daughter or not.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains Daddy-daughter and brother-sister incest dubcon sex, sleep sex, domination, bondage, sex toys, masturbation, tricked, blackmail, exhibitionism, camgirl, voyeurism, bareback creampie sex, and seeding.