Family Loves Sleep Sex 10-Pack Bundle Volume One

Family Loves Sleep Sex 10-Pack Bundle Volume One


10 stories of brothers, fathers, sons, and daughters taking advantage of their sleeping family members for sexual fun.

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About the Book

Don’t fall asleep first because these family members are more than ready and very willing to take advantage.

Enjoying His Sloppy Seconds Sister (Brother Gets Incest Sleep Sex) (01)
Her boyfriend left her well used and sleeping. Her older brother took one look and hopped in to have some fun too.

Soft and Open for Daddy (Daughter Enjoys Incest Sleep Sex) (02)
When Dad woke up groping his daughter, he decided to see just how much fun she would sleep through.

Sister’s Pussy is Brother’s Overtime Bonus (Siblings Having Incest Sleep Sex) (03)
Overtime wipes her older brother out so he’ll sleep through anything, especially her using him for pleasure.

Volunteering to Take Uncle’s Dick (Niece Accepting Incest Sleep Sex) (04)
She offered to help with his sleep study, never realizing her uncle had plans to use her body for his fun.

Brother is Passed Out and Horny (Sister Indulges Incest Sleep Sex) (05)
A night of drinking leads her brother to stumble into her bed instead of his own, which leads to her taking advantage.

Sleep-Fucking Mommy for Her Own Good (Son Allows Incest Sleep Sex) (06)
If the only way to keep his mother from sleep-eating is to let her have his meat, then that’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.

Striptease and Lap Dance for Daddy (Daughter Gives Incest Sleep Sex) (07)
Every time Dad falls asleep in the living room, his daughter gives him a sexy striptease and a lap dance.

Bro Has a Naughty Hobby (Sis Dreams Incest Sleep Sex) (08)
She’s been having very naughty sexual dreams starring her older brother. But something tells her they aren’t just dreams.

DP Threesome with Her Brother (Daddy Approves Incest Sleep Sex) (09)
Just because her older brother is asleep doesn’t mean he can’t join in with the sexual fun she has with Daddy.

Wrong Bed for a Right Fuck (Daddy Has Incest Sleep Sex) (10)
Dad warned his daughter about falling asleep on his bed, but she didn’t listen. She brought this hard-pounding lesson on herself.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains incest sex, dubious consent, sleep sex, father-daughter, brother-sister, uncle-niece, mother-son, mind control, drunkenness, anal sex, oral sex, breeding, seeding, masturbation, nipple play, choking, throating, unprotected sex, sleepwalking, striptease, exhibitionism, preggo sex, rough sex, double penetration, and bareback creampie.