About the Book

2 complete brother-sister dubious consent incest sex series in ONE box set!

Brother Loves Banging Idiot Sister
12 hard-pounding, sister-tricking incest stories in one bundle. It’s an older brother’s job to test his sister’s gullibility and get as much sex as he can in the process.
– Technically, Sibling Anal Sex Erotica isn’t Incest in This State
– Frankly, Labia are Called Lips so Incest Erotica Oral Sex is Just Kissing
– Definitely, Sibling Incest Erotica Sex Makes Skin Softer
– Plainly, Eating Peanut Butter Leads to Bestiality Sex and Sibling Incest Erotica (bestiality)
– Assuredly, Sibling Incest Erotica is Great Sex Ed
– Truly, Sibling Incest Erotica Sex Stops Masturbation
– Actually, Sibling Incest Erotica Sex is the Only Way to Level Up
– Truthfully, Sibling Incest Erotica Bestiality Sex Makes Money (bestiality)
– Naturally, Sibling Incest Erotica is Good Sex Practice
– Really, Sibling Incest Erotica Sex will Cure the Common Cold
– Absolutely, Sibling Incest Erotica Bestiality Sex Creates Shifters (bestiality)
– Undoubtedly, Sibling Incest Erotica Sex Relieves Razor Bumps

Brother Loves Sleep Sex
13 stories of older brothers who have no issues slipping their little sisters the big D while they are sleeping.
– Her Sleep-Masturbation Habit
– She Wants Cock
– Trance Music Leads to Incest Sex
– Leaving Her to the Dog (bestiality)
– Sex Games Twins Play
– Taking the Dog’s Place in Her Bed (bestiality)
– Sneaking the Dog’s Dick (bestiality)
– Putting It to Her in Bed
– Good Clean Fuck
– Oral Fixation
– Stuffed by Her Teddy Bear
– Warm Pussy in a Thunderstorm
– Half Awake and Craving Dick

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains brother-sister dubious consent incest sex, bestiality dog sex, sleep sex, seeding/breeding, fisting, sex toys, blackmail, double penetration, anal and vaginal penetration, oral sex, and bareback creampie sex.