Lazy Day Oral and Anal for Daddy

Lazy Day Oral and Anal for Daddy

Series: Daddy’s Anal Princess, Book 14
Genres: Anal Play, Anal Sex, Dubious Consent, Father-Daughter, Fellatio, Hypnosis, Oral Sex, Sex
Publication Year: 07 February 2024
Length: 2,772 words

All Dad has to say is that he wants to spend quality time with his daughter for her to get the urge for hard-pounding pleasure.

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About the Book

The moment his wife leaves the house, Dad announces he’s having a lazy day. His daughter was on the way out the door until she heard that. Now she’s eager to have a lazy day with him. A pleasurable lazy day where she begs Dad to give her the hard-pounding she loves.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains father-daughter incest sex, dubious consent, hypnosis, anal sex, oral sex, and bareback creampie.